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Disrupt your C.V.

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Scritto da Floris Koot - Borsa di Rientro

Nine starting tips towards the career you desire.

So. You have a degree. And now you want a job, or have a job that has nothing or very little to do with your degree. This degree proved to your employer mainly that you can handle complex information. Now you probably work with data, handle some complexity, but your study & personal interest play too little part in what you do. The job pays, yet you feel (some) emptiness. You wish you could do more with your real interests. But how?

Or you don’t have a job and nobody seems to offer what you really seek. What to do then?

Here are nine starting tips to help you find work that fits your talent. If you don’t know well enough what they are, start asking others and start exploring what fits you best in voluntary jobs. If you are an employer reading this, cry a little over lost talent. Then start looking deeper how you may create development space for your people and yourself.

1.      Apply for the job you want.

Many big organizations think only within the box of their structure. They place job offers to what gaps need to be filled. Yet they may expand due to new opportunities like your application. Why didn’t they think of what you offer before? And here is an expert seeking to join. When you get hired, you get hired for what you seek. What is cooler than that?

2.      When you get a NO, always ask a tip about who they think might give a YES.

Often when we ask for help, or a job and we get a ‘no’ we seek onwards. And no one will think more of it. Yet when you ask for a tip on how and where to continue your search, some unexpected help may come. Many people who say no, feel a little bad about it. Thus you help them, getting a better feeling by offering them something they can do for you in return.

3.      Ask your heroes if you can have a coffee with them.

Go explore and talk to famous people in fields you’re interested in, in what you might contribute. If you can’t reach them, then ask experts, professionals who do get paid for it. Many people don’t realize these professionals love talking about their field so may say yes to having a coffee with you about this. Tip: mainly listen. At the end you suggest if you may hold your dream up to them and listen to their advice. A dancer student of mine thus go to talk to a famous choreographer, which led to her being hired for a year to dance in his group. And I myself invited a famous writer to my birthday, I couldn’t pay her very expensive retreat when she visited my country, and she came! That led in turn, via via, me working in Veneto.

4.      Don’t please employers to get a job. Be bold, be you.

Too often we think we need to please employers to get the job. No! When you do please them and they hire you, they want a pleaser, who nicely plays along. They’ll expect you to be doing as you’re told, because that is what you sold. Therefore be yourself as much as you can. Get to question them critically and offer what you see might be possible. If they hire you after that, they want you to be you. And you may expect that your critical questions are regarded as constructive feedback by that organization. 

5.      Team Up.

Either team up within your organization to create a task force for innovation, protests, develop new services, whatever you think is needed and may help you do more relevant stuff. Even better is seeking connections between your background and other people’s talent. I have done voice work and writing and by teaming up with a professional singer I could offer singer songwriting workshops. A meditation professional teamed up with an archery specialist and offered ‘zen and the art of archery’ after a famous book with the same title. What combination can you make to work together and start offering (if only on a small scale or besides your job) products or services with?

6.      Make it the best job possible.

Once made a girl totally bored with boring company magazine she had to make each month. So the choice to make it totally her own adventure, would either get her fired, or applauded and result in having a dream job. That’s a risk that can be worth it, because even when fired, she’d now have a great showcase. So if you hate your job and want something better, then if you can: leave. If you’d rather like to be fired, then start making your current job, your best job possible! Because waiting for something better, in a job you hate kills your spirit.

7.      Change your job title to represent your best you.

Many professions have protected job titles, based on educational diploma’s. But every day over 75 new professions are born around the world, for which yet no education exists. And your life has been the most unique education possible to do what? Try to catch your talent, your skill set, your personal history (Mind you, if you have struggled with something all your life then you’ve become an expert in that struggle. You then know most of the traps, tricks and ideas, with which you may help others in the same.)

8.      When unemployed, start a project

Unemployment doesn’t exist, really. What exists is you not getting paid and waiting at home until someone does. I’ve been without paid work, never without great things to do. As unemployed I made theatre, set up a festival, help start a school, made games and all of these let to either new jobs, or helped me when in new jobs. So be smart, stay active. Every event you help organize, every help you offer in other peoples home, like with plumbing, listening to divorce stories, etc, you should consider training. Or even better start a project, just to develop your skills, get noticed, meet a lot of people. Employers like active people. Also being unemployed doesn’t mean you’re dead. So don’t spend life waiting. Get active with your dreams.

9.      Explore more deeply what (more) is possible with your background.

I recently met a young woman with a philosophy degree who did organizational work on projects for customers. I can’t remember exactly what it was. That should be telling. The main work was doing paperwork to help the customers. No philosophy needed, at least not at a level of interest. So I gave myself this task: come up with 10 jobs possible with a philosophy degree. If you happened to study that too, you’re lucky. If not, then try the same for whatever you studied.

Here are some tips, I used coming up with this list: play with what would be possible with very different target audiences. Make them specific. Do the same with setting, moments and or locations. Change perspective within combinations. Like (farmers, holiday) you can teach natural philosophy to farmers, or or organize trips to let farmers be the teachers as they talk about big questions from their perspective and relationship with nature. Look at societal problems, how can your topic help? Look at media, what can you start with right now? What if you target groups, what if individuals? Etc.